Product eligibility list

For the Domestic RHI a product is a particular type, make and model of heat pump, biomass boiler, biomass stove or solar thermal collector. All products must meet specific EN Standards for technology typesopen key term pop-up (as well as meeting the other eligibility requirements for the scheme).

The Product eligibility list (PEL) identifies individual products that meet the technology requirements for the Domestic RHI. It allows you to check whether a specific product is eligible for the scheme before purchasing a heating system. The list only indicates that the product is eligible, and is not a guarantee of overall eligibility for the Domestic RHI.

The PEL lists information provided on products by Certification Bodies and manufacturers and presents it in a spreadsheet which you can use to check whether a particular product is eligible, or to find out particular information about a product.

Important note: if your product is not listed on the PEL, it does not mean that it is automatically ineligible. It could be that we haven’t yet received all of the required information from the product manufacturer. All products must meet the relevant EN Standards in order to be eligible. If your product is not listed on the PEL, but you think it may be eligible, you should speak to your installer to discuss your next steps.

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EN Standards for Technology Types

These set out the material requirements for each of the technologies. All heating systems, among other requirements, must meet the relevant EN standards to be eligible. More.