Payment calculations – heat demand limit

The Government introduced heat demand limits on 20 September 2017. If you applied on or after this date, annual heat demand limits will apply to you (unless you only have solar thermal). To learn more about how heat demand limits may affect your payments, please read our Factsheet: Tariffs and Payments.

If you applied to the Domestic RHI on or after 20 September 2017, the total heat demand listed in your EPC will be capped at the heat demand limits. You can still apply if the heat demand listed on your Certificate is higher than the heat demand limit, but your RHI payments will be capped in line with the limit.

The heat demand limits are:

Technology Type Annual heat demand limit (kWh)
Air source heat pumps 20,000
Biomass plants 25,000
Ground source heat pumps 30,000

For worked examples of heat demand limit payment calculations, please see our Reference Document.