Payment calculations – deemed

Most applicants will receive payments based on annual heat demand listed on their EPC or, in the case of solar thermal, from the estimated annual generation on their MCS Certificate. To see worked calculations of deemed payments, please see our Reference Document.

Some applicants may require metering for payment in order to be eligible, and will be paid directly on their meter readings. If you believe you may require metering for payment, and want to know more about how your payments will be calculated, you should see the Essential Guide to Metering.

The Government introduced heat demand limits on 20 September 2017. If you applied on or after the date the amendments to the regulations came into effect, annual heat demand limits will apply to you (unless you only have solar thermal). To learn more about how heat demand limits may affect your payments, please see Heat demand limit.

Biomass installations and heat pumps will be paid using the heat demand figures listed on the EPC, or the relevant heat demand limit, whichever is lower. Solar thermal systems are paid using the estimated annual generation figure on the MCS certificate. There is no heat demand limit for solar thermal. To see payment calculation examples for heat demand limits please see our Reference Document.

If you own a heat pump and are only metered for performance (subject to Parliamentary approval), you’ll continue to be paid based on your deemed annual heat demand.