Switching your energy supplier

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

We’ve created an easy online guide to help you compare tariffs and get a better deal on your gas and electricity bills: Be An Energy Shopper.

Be An Energy Shopper

The Be An Energy Shopper website includes:

  • New tools to help people compare the different tariffs
  • A glossary explaining the language used on bills
  • Links to other useful sites
  • A downloadable guide which you can print off and read at leisure, or pass on to family members who don’t have internet access
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Shop with confidence

We have also approved a number of online comparison services that are a good place to look when comparing deals. These websites operate in accordance with our Confidence Code and can be trusted as a source of information when you are looking at different deals and tariffs.

View accredited comparison websites >                                                                                                                                 

Where can I find more information?

You can find a list of suppliers and their telephone numbers in our Energy Best Deal booklet.

We are changing the way suppliers put together and explain their tariffs in order to make it simpler to choose which is best for you. You can read more about these changes in our section Simpler, Clearer, Fairer.

The Citizen's Advice website has information on how to move your gas or electricity meter.

Comparing suppliers

You can find data on customer satisfaction, complaints handling and Ombudsman referrals on our Comparing suppliers page.

Publications and updates

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