Switching your energy supplier

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

If you shop around to find a deal or tariff that best suits your own energy usage, you may be able to significantly reduce your energy bill.

As the market becomes more competitive, so the energy companies increasingly have to compete with each other on price and other areas.

It is possible that other energy suppliers can offer you a deal that is more competitive than the one you are on.

Key points to bear in mind when shopping around for an energy supplier

  • Check first to see whether you could get a better deal from your existing supplier.
  • Ask your supplier if you are eligible for any extra financial help - perhaps if you are of pensionable age, disabled or have severe health problems.
  • Before you begin your search it's a good idea to have copies of your last few bills or your annual summary, as this will have useful information about your tariff, how much energy you use and how much you currently spend. This information can be helpful when you are comparing tariffs.
  • Suppliers are responsible for managing your switch and it can take up to eight weeks. Your existing supplier will continue to provide your energy until the day of the switch.
  • You may not always be able to change your mind when you enter into a new contract so you should always check whether a ‘cooling off period’ will apply before you sign/agree any contract.
  • Be aware that you may be required to pay off any debt to your current supplier before you are allowed to switch. However, if you use a prepayment meter you should be able to switch with a debt of up to £500.
  • If you are on a fixed term contract you may be charged a fee if you switch before the contract has expired.
  • Speak to your landlord or housing association if you live in rented accommodation, as tenancy arrangements might affect your situation.
  • We have approved a number of online comparison services that are a good place to look when comparing deals. These websites operate in accordance with our Confidence Code and can be trusted as a source of information when you are looking at different deals and tariffs.

For a list of accredited comparison websites go to: Switching your energy supplier – the Confidence Code                                                                                                                                      

Where can I find more information?

You can find a list of suppliers and their telephone numbers in our Energy Best Deal booklet.

We are changing the way suppliers put together and explain their tariffs in order to make it simpler to choose which is best for you. You can read more about these changes in our section Simpler, Clearer, Fairer.

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This quick guide lists five key points to remember about your rights as a tenant when it comes to choosing an energy supplier.