Tariffs and payments

Click to view the latest tariff rates for the Great Britain Non-Domestic RHI scheme.


The Non-Domestic RHI provides financial support for renewable heat technologies for 20 years. We make payments on a quarterly basis. As long as you’ve correctly sent us the information we require, we aim to pay you within 40 working days from the date we receive it.

Once you’re accredited, a tariff rate will be assigned to your installation based on its technology (eg biomass, heat pump, solar) and size. Payments will be made based on the actual heat output of the installation. They begin to accrue from the date of accreditation of the installation.

Tariff rates are set by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).  For more information about tariffs and payments see Guidance Volume 2, Chapter 6 of our main guidance.

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