The Data Communications Company: Ofgem publications

The roll-out of smart meters in Great Britain is supported by a new national smart metering communications infrastructure. On this page you can find a list of key recent publications by Ofgem relating to the Data Communications Company (DCC).

The DCC is responsible for linking smart meters in homes and small businesses with energy suppliers, network operators and energy service companies. The DCC is needed to ensure that the enduring and full benefits from smart meters are realised, and that the smart metering system as a whole works smoothly once many millions of smart meters have been installed.

DCC is operated by Capita PLC under a licence regulated by Ofgem. As a monopoly service provider, it is vital that we put in place appropriate controls over their costs and have an appropriate incentive regime that focuses it on providing a good quality of service.

DCC key publications

Price control documents and charging statements

This document sets out our decision, and reasons, on the costs and performance DCC reported under its price control for the regulatory year 2017/18.

Published: February 2019

This document sets out our decision, and reasons, on the costs and performance DCC reported under its price control for the regulatory year 2016/17.

Published: February 2018

This document sets out the decisions, and reasons, on costs DCC reported under its price control for the regulatory year 2015/16.

Published: February 2017

This letter sets out our decision to approve the form of the Charging Statement for Service Charges prepared by DCC and our reasons for that decision.

Published: March 2017

Price control instructions and guidance

These Regulatory Instructions and Guidance (RIGs) are provided to DCC to enable it to complete the reporting templates.

Published: July 2019

This document is intended to inform stakeholders of our approach to cost assessment under the DCC price control.

Published: July 2019

DCC policy development

This document and accompanying direction sets out our decision on the structure and implementation of DCC’s Operational Performance Regime.

Published: September 2017

DCC regulatory submissions

As part of our role in monitoring DCC compliance, we review a number of regulatory submissions received from DCC. Those that are publically available can be found on the DCC website.

Further information and publications

For a full list of publications for the DCC, please see the publications and updates feed on the Transition to smart meters page.