Warm Home Discount: Total expenditure by obligated suppliers in scheme year 8 (2018-19)


Source: Warm Home Discount annual report: Scheme year 8.

Information correct as of: 2018/19

This chart shows how much suppliers spent fulfilling their obligations in scheme year 8 (2018/19) of the Warm Home Discount (WHD), a government energy scheme which aims to help people who are in fuel poverty or are at risk of it. 

Energy suppliers with over 250,000 domestic customers (referred to as ‘large suppliers’) are obligated to participate in each support element of the scheme, categorised by a ‘core group’, ‘broader group’ and ‘industry initiatives’. They are also allocated targets based on their share of the domestic GB energy market.

For more on the scheme elements and how they work, see our overview page at Warm Home Discount.

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Policy Areas:

  • Environmental programmes
  • WHD

Data Table

Warm Home Discount: Total expenditure by obligated suppliers in scheme year 8 (2018-19)
SupplierCore GroupBroader GroupIndustry Initiative
Bristol Energy463,260N/AN/A
British Gas41,741,28046,501,9805,048,000
Co-operative Energy1,092,4201,888,880518,212
EDF Energy18,823,98018,016,6002,745,936
Green Star1,210,1601,281,700965,839
Ovo Energy3,198,5805,875,240N/A
Robin Hood218,260N/AN/A
Scottish Power14,378,00014,885,7804,045,693
Shell Energy2,712,7804,808,0201,308,581
Utilita Energy2,755,0604,326,140N/A
Utility Warehouse1,967,2802,941,820789,817
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