Warm Home Discount: Percentage spend by nation at scheme year 8 (2018-19)


Source: Warm Home Discount annual report: Scheme year 8.

Information correct as of: 2018/19

This graph shows a by nation view of the direct support provided to fuel poor customers through energy bill rebates for the ‘core group’ and ‘broader group’ elements of the Warm Home Discount (WHD). It comprises all participating suppliers in year 8 (2018/19) of the scheme.  

The WHD is a government energy scheme which aims to help people who are in fuel poverty or are at risk of it. It focuses spending against three different support elements, categorised as ‘core group’, ‘broader group’ and ‘industry initiative’ spending. 

For more on the scheme elements and how they work, see our overview page at Warm Home Discount.

We have gathered this information from obligated suppliers for information purposes, and as such it should be considered as advisory only. Scheme year 5 (2015/6) was the first year we have collected this data.  

We update this chart on an annual basis. Click the three bar icon in the top right of this chart to download the data or an image.

Policy Areas:

  • Environmental programmes
  • WHD

Data Table

Warm Home Discount: Percentage spend by nation at scheme year 8 (2018-19)
NationTotal spend
Date correct
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