Volume of gas lost from the distribution network (RIIO-GD1)


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Source: RIIO gas distribution annual report 2017-18.

Information correct as of: March 2019

This chart is an indicator of company performance on environmental impact. It shows the annual volume of gas lost (referred to as ‘shrinkage’)  by gas distribution network owners. Shrinkage is the dominant element of network owners’ business carbon footprint.

We update this chart on an annual basis. Click the ‘more information’ tab above for a summary of the latest trends, details of how to interpret the figures and for information on methodology.

Policy Areas:

  • Gas - distribution

Data Table

Volume of gas lost from the distribution network (RIIO-GD1)
Target 13/14Actual 13/14Target 14/15Actual 14/15Target 15/16Actual 15/16Target 16/17Actual 16/17Target 17/18Actual 17/18

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At-a-glance summary

All gas distribution network owners are meeting their annual volume of gas lost (‘shrinkage‘) targets and forecast to meet them for the rest of the RIIO-GD1 price control period.

Relevance and further information

Under the price control, we expect companies to reduce their environmental impact, including reducing the amount of shrinkage from their networks.

We incentivise gas distribution companies to minimise shrinkage through two mechanisms:

  • the Environmental Emissions Incentive and
  • the Shrinkage Incentive.

Shrinkage targets were updated in 2014/15 following an update of the model used. We have therefore revised the 2013/14 figures to make them relative to the new targets.


Each year, network companies must report on their performance under the RIIO-GD1 price control. Our review of their submissions and supporting information informs our annual publications on network company performance.

Date correct
March 2019
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