Total water used by quarter


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Source: Ofgem data from collection.

Information correct as of: 01 April 2017

What our latest waste quarterly update shows

Since our 2009/10 water consumption is used as a baseline to measure our reductions, this figure is better understood with reference to the number of FTE staff at Ofgem. Since 2009/10 this figure has grown by 40%. Our current FTE staff number is 1000.

How are we reducing our water consumption?

We have fitted water saving products in both our London and Glasgow offices. These include:

  • 'Toilet Hippos'
  • push button showers
  • aerated taps
  • additional water meters.

By installing additional water meters, we are able to check and audit our consumption which helps us to identify and resolve problems such as leaks and redundant plant equipment.

Policy Areas:

  • Corporate information

Data Table

Total water used by quarter

Water used by quarter (m3)
Quarter 1 - 2016/171654
Quarter 2 - 2016/171535
Quarter 3 - 2016/171872
Quarter 4 - 2016/172253
Date correct
01 April 2017
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