Total waste generated by quarter


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Source: Ofgem data from collection .

Information correct as of: 01 April 2017

Understanding the graph

This graph shows the waste total for the first quarter of our 2016-17 financial year compared to the same period last year.

What our latest waste quarterly update shows:

In the first quarter of the 2016-17 financial year, we generated 24 tonnes of waste. In quarter 2 of the same year our waste  dropped by 4 tonnes.

In quarter 4 compared with quarters 1, 2 and 3 we have seen a drop in total waste produced of 14 tonnes bringing our total waste produced to 10 tonnes. 

Since our 2009/10 waste is used as a baseline to measure our reductions, this figure is better understood with reference to the number of FTE staff at Ofgem. Since 2009/10 this figure has grown by 40%. Our current FTE staff number is 846.

How are we reducing our waste?

We regularly engage with our staff on our waste output. Some of the things we have implemented are:

  • Removal of personal bins
  • Including waste as part of the Ofgem induction for new staff
  • Switching from disposable to reusable items such as cups

Since 2011/12, our estate has been 'zero to landfill'. We've also increased the ratio of waste being recycled/converted to refuse derived fuel so that it now stands at 80:10.

We operate an ISO14001 accredited Environmental Management System which receives regular external and internal audit. We have visibility of our waste from origin to disposal, this particularly important when dealing with hazardous waste.

Policy Areas:

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Data Table

Total waste generated by quarter

Waste generated by quarter
Quarter 1 - 2016-1724
Quarter 2 - 2016-1720
Quarter 3 - 2016-1713
Quarter 4 - 2016-1710
Date correct
01 April 2017
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