Total carbon emissions from travel and energy since 2009


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Source: Ofgem data from collection.

Information correct as of: 01 April 2017

Since 2009 we've seen our carbon emissions rise from 948 tonnes in 2009-10 to 1153 tonnes in 2016-17. 

This rise in carbon emissions can be attributed to a rise in staff levels in both our London and Glasgow offices as well as our new office spaces to accommodate this. Durning this period we have implemented several carbon reduction measures such as the roll out of Video Conferencing across our estate to try to curb the amount of carbon emitted. As a result of these measures we have now seen drop in the latest carbon figures of 109 tonnes. 

The data used to create this graph has been collected analysed and audited as part of our internal checks on our Enviromental Management System (EMS), our EMS is also externally audited by BSI.

Ofgem is committed to reducing it's carbon footprint across all sites and all aspects of the business, further information can be found in our environmental policy.

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Total carbon emissions from travel and energy since 2009

CO2 from energyCO2 from travel
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01 April 2017
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