Total carbon emissions by quarter


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Source: Ofgem data from collection.

Information correct as of: 01 April 2017

This graph shows the carbon emissions (CO2) totals across each quarter of our 2016/17 financial year. Use the filters above for an annual historical breakdown to 2009, including totals against our full time equivalent (FTE) staff.

How are we reducing our CO2 emissions?

We have researched, developed and implemented cutting edge technologies and practices to ensure a continued reduction in our overall CO2 output. This includes:

  • Installing a Building Management System to ensure our heating and cooling equipment works to maximum efficiency.
  • Installing energy efficient lighting across all our major sites.
  • Extending periods of heating/cooling downtime.
  • Ensuring that we are compliant with our ISO14001 accredited Environmental Management System.

These measures and others have made a significant impact on reducing our CO2.

Policy Areas:

  • Corporate information

Data Table

Total carbon emissions by quarter

CO2 emissions by quarter
Quarter 1 - 2016/17275
Quarter 2 - 2016/17313
Quarter 3 - 2016/17358
Quarter 4 - 2016/17208
Date correct
01 April 2017
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