Renewables Obligation: Applications received, processed and queue


Source: Ofgem scheme administration.

Information correct as of: 01 January 2021

This chart shows the number of Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme applications we have received and how many we are processing by month. It also shows the overall size of the queue for the scheme. By queue we mean the number of applications received which have not yet been approved or rejected. 

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Renewables Obligation: Applications received, processed and queue

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The final grace period for RO closed on 31 March 2019.  This means that we are now aware of all application numbers. However, there will continue to be applications "received" if, and when, applications move from dormant.  The dormancy project is now underway which will see the end of dormant applications over the coming months.

Due to the deadline for Banked ROCs from 2017-18 at the end of August 2019, applications associated with these were prioritised and this focused work led to a decrease in the queue in July and August 2019. The drop in numbers processed since then is the result of the simpler applications being processed as part of the Banked ROCs work, leaving the most complex applications in the queue, which take longer to process. A full assessment of the complete queue has been carried out with a view to finding any common issues, allowing these applications to be moved to a decision. The assessment shows that only 40% of the applications are in active review, with the majority of the remainder with Audit and Compliance.  Work is now underway to (i) where possible, progress these applications back to the Applications team, or (ii) work across teams in order to progress the applications. A new joint approach to RO audits has been agreed which will see the time taken for Audit reduce substantially and the application returning to assessment.

In addition, a number of technical assessment have been completed and we are awaiting finalisation of the FMS assessment.  As soon as this is available, there are a number of applications which will be accredited.

A revision to our reporting process means amendments are now captured separately, so this data refers only to applications only from April 2019 onwards. Prior to this, the figures included both applications and amendments.

Date correct
01 January 2021
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