Feed-In Tariffs: Applications received, processed and queue


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Source: Ofgem scheme administration.

This chart shows the combined number of Renewables Obligation Order Feed-In Tariffs (ROOFIT) and Communities and Schools Feed-In Tariffs (C&S FITs) scheme applications we have received and how many we are processing by month. It also shows the overall size of the queue for the scheme. By queue we mean the number of applications received which have not yet been approved or rejected.

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  • Environmental programmes
  • FIT

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Feed-In Tariffs: Applications received, processed and queue

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As anticipated, a significantly higher number of applications were received in the final month of the scheme, March 2019. The number received was higher than projected, with the majority of caps closed by 31 March 2019. This has led to a large increase in the queue.

A new triage approach to applications has improved the throughput of applications, but this continues to be refined due to the large number of preliminary applications received (in excess of 400). We are now looking at prioritising preliminary applications and converting to full applications and prioritising these based on the length of validity period on offer.

The efforts of this work can be seen in the large number of applications processed in May 2019.  This includes those refused on the basis of there being no space in the cap, or if the application was received after the closure date. This has also impacted the queue, which has significantly reduced and will continue to do so over the coming months.

Of the remaining applications, a number are more complex, requiring additional work and, in some cases, audit, to confirm the evidence and subsequent accreditation. This means that these applications are taking longer to assess.

The above figures do not include the number of applications received for Community & School pre-applications where 1,673 were received in March 2019. We have simplified the process for pre-accreditation as far as we can and will be considering how to minimise the impact of these on ROOFIT application assessments.


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