Expenditure vs allowance: Gas distribution (RIIO-GD1)


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Source: RIIO gas distribution annual report 2017-18.

Information correct as of: March 2019

This chart compares gas distribution companies’ realised total expenditure for their regulated business activities against their allowance for the five years of RIIO-GD1 network price control.

We update this chart on an annual basis. Click the ‘more information’ tab above for a summary of the latest trends, details of how to interpret the figures and for information on methodology.

Policy Areas:

  • Gas - distribution

Data Table

Expenditure vs allowance: Gas distribution (RIIO-GD1)
CompanyY1 ExpenditureY1 AllowanceY2 ExpenditureY2 AllowanceY3 ExpenditureY3 AllowanceY4 ExpenditureY4 AllowanceY5 ExpenditureY5 Allowance

More information

At-a-glance summary

  • Gas distribution network owners forecast that they will outperform their cost allowances over the eight years of RIIO-GD1 by 11.4%.
  • Cost savings are shared with consumers, which help keep down the network costs part of an energy bill.

Relevance and further information

  • This chart is an indicator of company financial performance against cost allowances for the four completed years of the RIIO-GD1 price control period.
  • We set the total amount each company can spend ahead of the price control (company ‘allowances’) and monitor their actual spend (‘total expenditure’) against these amounts annually.
  • The expenditure shown only accounts for controllable total expenditure.
  • Network companies are allowed to retain a part of any savings they achieve, with the rest being passed on to consumers.


  • Each year, network companies must report on their performance under the RIIO-GD1 price control. Our review of their submissions and supporting information informs our annual publications on network company performance. 
Date correct
March 2019
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