Energy Company Obligation: Measures received, processed and queue


Source: Ofgem scheme administration.

Information correct as of: 01 February 2021

This chart shows the number of Energy Company Obligation scheme measures we have received from energy suppliers and how many we are processing by month. It also shows the overall size of the queue for the scheme. By queue we mean the number of measures that are not currently approved or rejected. The queue often increases considerably when a number of measures are moved out of the ‘approved’ status and back into the queue for further investigation or amendment.

Policy Areas:

  • Environmental programmes
  • ECO

Data Table

Energy Company Obligation: Measures received, processed and queue
Feb-20 24,008 36,860 60,197
Mar-20 25,221 25,640 53,949
Apr-20 28,439 25,221 63,942
May-20 28,955 26,475 69,570
Jun-20 23,981 23,249 58,114
Jul-20 37,135 25,603 56,203
Aug-20 33,105 37,009 61,322
Sep-20 40,144 35,893 62,127
Oct-20 45,995 52,847 63,250
Nov-20 62,532 57,488 67,406
Dec-20 42,823 57,490 69,730
Jan-21 67,215 49,197 95,955

More information

Queue volumes can appear volatile, however this is due to improvements in the approvals process where the statuses of measures can change and re-enter queues for re-evaluation. The increase demonstrates the increased effectiveness of the approvals process. The number of measures processed in December 19 was significantly higher than November due to this and as a number of measures were moved from "approved" status due to the monitoring process.


Measures received in February decreased significantly, likely due to new Trustmark installation standards which meant that ECO installers must be registered with them. It was expected that this will return to normal levels in the coming months as installers adjust to the changes, however with Covid-19, delivery was reduced over the spring and summer months. Volumes have since returned to pre-covid levels and continue to increase month on month. The queue has been increasing as a result of notification errors around the new Trustmark information that is required, this will start to reduce as suppliers adjust to including the correct information.


The Ofgem-wide server downtime in January-21 resulted in a buildup of measures that could not be processed in-month. These measures will complete processing in February, along with the normal volumes, which in turn will reduce the queue.

Date correct
01 February 2021
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