Complaints resolved by the six largest suppliers by end of next working day (%)


Source: Suppliers data.

Information correct as of: August 2020

This graph shows the percentage of complaints resolved by the six largest energy suppliers by the end of the next day from when a complaint was reported over the period Q1 2013 to Q2 2020.

In January 2020, OVO completed the acquisition of SSE’s domestic business and kept SSE as a separate white label brand. As a result, we have moved OVO from the group of medium-sized suppliers to that of the six largest as of Q1 2020. SSE’s complaints are now being reported under its parent OVO as of Q1 2020.

Policy Areas:

  • Domestic consumers

Data Table

Complaints resolved by the six largest suppliers by end of next working day (%)
Quarter/YearBritish GasEDF energyEonnPowerScottish PowerSSE - End Q4 2019OVO - Start Q1 2020
Q1 2013799193876375
Q2 2013728993876565
Q3 2013728389896272
Q4 2013768281905073
Q1 2014808482865082
Q2 2014788480815185
Q3 2014778481855186
Q4 2014758782894985
Q1 2015758481884887
Q2 2015707678744788
Q3 2015687875695288
Q4 2015577970635584
Q1 2016577768394977
Q2 2016528063485477
Q3 2016547959585975
Q4 2016517364505874
Q1 2017507467495876
Q2 2017507168465776
Q3 2017516971455976
Q4 2017486269405774
Q1 2018515969406274
Q2 2018535869425976
Q3 2018605878495477
Q4 2018585276494478
Q1 2019555276513981
Q2 2019495172524180
Q3 2019425269553981
Q4 2019385559554178
Q1 2020445257574479
Q2 2020536251573579
Date correct
August 2020
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