Complaints resolved by medium-sized suppliers within eight weeks (%)


Source: Suppliers data.

Information correct as of: August 2018

This graph shows the percentage of complaints resolved by medium-sized energy suppliers within eight weeks from when a complaint was reported over the period Q1 2014 to Q2 2018.

We now include Green Star Energy in the group of medium-sized suppliers, as their gas and electricity customer account numbers have each grown above 250k since Q3 2017.

The chart includes estimated data for OVO for the period Q4 2015 - Q1 2018. OVO has provided actual information from Q2 2018 onwards.

Policy Areas:

  • Domestic consumers

Data Table

Complaints resolved by medium-sized suppliers within eight weeks (%)

Quarter/YearCo-OperativeFirst UtilityOvoUtilitaUtility WarehouseGreen Star Energy
Q1 2014989199999996
Q2 20149981999999100
Q3 20149874999999100
Q4 20149978959910099
Q1 20159881969910084
Q2 20159385999910086
Q3 20159084991009774
Q4 201593801001009889
Q1 2016918099999982
Q2 20169484100999783
Q3 201681881001009882
Q4 20168789100999770
Q1 20179189100989887
Q2 20179688100989982
Q3 201794901001009790
Q4 201795851001009575
Q1 20189587100989590
Q2 2018959099959786
Date correct
August 2018
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