Coronavirus (COVID-19): information for energy licensees and industry



Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a national issue and the government is leading the response in tackling it. Licensees and industry should continue to monitor and follow all official advice issued at

For now, all regulatory obligations remain in place. We will keep you updated should any regulatory obligations change.

If you have specific questions, please email us at


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You can view our latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for energy licensees and industry in date order in the publications feed below.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 29th Mar 2021
  • Decisions
  • 0 Associated documents
Ofgem's strategic framework and forward work programme for 2021/22.

  • Published: 12th Feb 2021
  • Decisions
  • 1 Associated documents
Notice of Direction to DNOs regarding amendment of the Use of System Charges under the Electricity Distribution Licence and under the Distribution and Connection Use of System Agreement (DCUSA).

  • Published: 15th Dec 2020
  • Closed: 19th Feb 2021
  • Consultations and responses
  • 2 Associated documents
Give your views on Ofgem's strategic framework and proposed 2021/22 forward work programme by 19 February.

  • Published: 20th Nov 2020
  • Decisions
  • 1 Associated documents
 Modifications to enable electricity distribution network operators to recover any bad debts arising as a direct result of the Network Charge Deferral (NCD) scheme.

  • Published: 12th Oct 2020
  • Closed: 9th Nov 2020
  • Consultations and responses
  • 10 Associated documents
Statutory consultation on proposed changes to the Special Conditions (also known as the Charge Restriction Conditions ‘CRC’) of the electricity distribution licence.

  • Published: 8th Oct 2020
  • Charts and data
  • 0 Associated documents
Final Network Charge Deferral update

  • Published: 9th Sep 2020
  • Charts and data
  • 0 Associated documents
Overall Network Charge Deferral update June-August 2020 inclusive.

  • Published: 3rd Sep 2020
  • Charts and data
  • 3 Associated documents
This publication provides insights into the experiences of energy consumers during the Covid-19 lock-down in April and May 2020. It covers concerns about energy bills, experiences when contacting suppliers and awareness of support available.

  • Published: 7th Aug 2020
  • Closed: 4th Sep 2020
  • Consultations and responses
  • 17 Associated documents
This open letter consults on the management of network charge bad debt. Our proposals seek to enable networks to recover potential bad debts arising from COVID-19 related deferred network charge payments and to introduce an enduring solution to bad debt...

  • Published: 30th Jun 2020
  • Guidance
  • 0 Associated documents
Our updated work programme priorities to September 2020 and a summary of the key regulation implications.